LASTBID 2.5: LASTBID the easy to use ebay sniping tool that simplify your life - Free trial. LASTBID is the easy-to-use ebay sniping tool that places your bid for you in the last seconds of the auction. You no longer need to attempt to place your bid in the last few seconds of the auction, let LASTBID do it for you unattended. LASTBID allows you to buy more items at a better price by placing your bid for you unattended in the last seconds of the auction- Free trial.

Inactive Users Tracker 1.0.03: Automatically disables inactive user accounts based on last logon time
Inactive Users Tracker 1.0.03

lastLogon" attribute of every account, which represents the last time a user was authenticated by a specific DC. AD doesn`t replicate this attribute; as a result, the lastLogon value will be different on each DC. Inactive Users Tracker handles this correctly: It queries all DCs in the domain and uses the most recent logon time, also called the "true last logon". Inactive Users Tracker is provided free of charge for unlimited use by organizations

real last logon, disable inactive user, true last logon, freeware, block inactive user, identity management

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Lastes Accounting Software 1.5

Lastes Accounting is a full-featured, user-friendly accounting package. It is designed to meet the real-world needs of businesses and their employees. Lastes modular applications include Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Contact Management/Customer Tracking etc.

contact manager, contact management, small business accounting, small business, accounting software, accounts receivable, invoice, checks and forms, accounting

FlaxMenu 1.5: Customize Adobe PhotoShop for easy work!
FlaxMenu 1.5

Customize Adobe PhotoShop for easy work! The program expands features of standard interface and makes your work more comfortable and productive. The program is convenient for graphic programs (such as Adobe Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact etc.) users. Using LastMenu function you may call the menu you referred to the last time at one combination keystroke. FlaxMenu function allows to put often used items of menu to the floating panel.

plug ins, ulead, panel, filters, photoimpact, interface, imageready, photoshop, effects, last, menu, flexmenu, unhide

Random Name Generator Software 7.0: Generate a specified number of random first and last names.
Random Name Generator Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who need to generate a specified number of random first and last names. Pre-defined lists of male and female names are included by default. Import custom lists easily. Results are saved as text or MS Excel files. This software saves you time by quickly generating and matching first and last names.

birth, made, firstname, produce, files, statistics, america, optional, characters, generater, sample, code, middle

OESort 1.0: Sorts Outlook Express Contacts pane names in Lastname, Firstname format & more.
OESort 1.0

Sorts Outlook Express Contacts pane (bottom left in OE window) names in various formats like Lastname, Firstname etc., including Middlenames or nameless entries, configures appearance of Groups, A-Z/Z-A order etc. By default OE sorts Firstname Lastname in the bottom left pane, regardless of configured sortorder in adressbook, which does not make much sense. Applies updates to names in Contacts in parallel running OE.

vorname, outlook express, lastname, contact, nachname, group, pane, order, groups, namen, address, gruppe, contacts

The Real 3D Shooter 1.1: A real 3D shooter
The Real 3D Shooter 1.1

A real 3D shooter(now also for Windows) Some time ago a friend told me about a Computer-Game University somewhere oversea, and there they learn how to write a 3D shooter within 15 minutes. Many repetitions later I had enough of it and said: No problem for me. Here is the result: True, the engine was finished within 15 minutes, but pixeling the mouse cursor lasted at least the same time, not to mention the sound effects... :-)

shooter, game, action

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